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The Greenbox

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The Greenbox that truly revolutionizes your greenhouse and kitchen garden

In the late 1980s, Swiss researchers Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schrch made a startling discovery. In laboratory experiments, they exposed grain and fish eggs to a simple high voltage field in which no current flows, the electrostatic field.

Plant growth and fertility increased enormously in this so-called electric field. At the same time, completely surprisingly, primordial forms that had long been extinct grew up:
A fern millions of years old, a fern a million years old, primitive corn with as many as 12 cobs per stem, as it once grew in South America, and the extinct rainbow trout with salmon hooks.These experiments were then repeated at the Guido Ebner Institute. At the same time, some interested parties successfully tried growing potatoes, corn, wheat and tomatoes.

Several institutions tried further studies on the base, sometimes with, sometimes without success.The trials also continued in recent years. In spring 2013, for example, trials were started with corn from Guatemala, with balsa wood from Paraguay and with grape seeds from Piedmont. More trials are planned, for example with saffron, rice and other grains.

The Greenbox has been produced since the end of 2013, making it available to everyone. It allows the germination stage of seeds to be standardized.

Seeds from the electric field yield more than modern seed varieties and still do not require more fertilizer and help to do largely without pesticides.Moreover, genetic integrity is maintained because no genetic manipulation is done. It can be used by anyone at minimal cost.

Tests have shown that the electrostatic field also has a positive effect on fish eggs. Therefore, a special Greenbox has been created for the treatment of fish eggs. This box is now also commercially available and is especially interesting for fish farmers. Please contact us via our contact form. We also supply to professionals!

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The Greenbox
The Greenbox Angebot€625,00 EUR


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