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Mother of Pearl


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About Us

About Us: Connecting Artisans from Around the World

 Parelmoer (Dutch for ‘Mother of Pearl’) started in 2023 producing personal luxury accessories. Parelmoer collaborates with small, artisanal ateliers mainly from Europe in the field of perfumes, porcelain, smoking and drinking accessories and exotic leather bags and belts. Most of the Parelmoer products are one of ones, made for every customer individually.

The assortment can be described as exclusive and artistic. Parelmoer shapes our personal life with stylish accessories, offering a personal tinge of allure and luxury with beauty and craftsmanship.

Our Mission: At PARELMOER, our mission is to bridge the gap between artisans and appreciators of craftsmanship. We believe in the beauty of handmade creations and the stories behind each piece. By bringing together a diverse array of products from small workshops, we aim to connect you with the rich tapestry of global craftsmanship.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Authenticity: Our products are sourced directly from small workshops, ensuring authenticity and a genuine connection to the artisans' craft.

  2. Global Inspiration: Explore the cultural richness of Europe, North America, and South America through our carefully curated selection, each piece telling a unique story of tradition and innovation.

  3. Empowering Artisans: By choosing PARELMOER, you contribute to the empowerment of local artisans. We believe in fair trade practices and support sustainable, ethical production.

Our Products: Discover a world of creativity within our collections, ranging from intricately designed home decor to fashion accessories that reflect the soul of their creators. Each item is a testament to the skill, dedication, and passion of the artisans who bring them to life.

Our Story: PARELMOER was born out of a desire to create a platform that celebrates the craftsmanship of artisans worldwide. We embarked on a journey to discover hidden gems in small workshops, forming partnerships with talented creators who pour their hearts into every creation.

Join Us on This Journey: Become a part of our global community that values craftsmanship, culture, and connection. As you explore our collections, we invite you to appreciate the skill and dedication behind each piece and the communities that benefit from your support.

Thank you for choosing PARELMOER. Together, let's celebrate the artistry that knows no borders.